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Subject: The Adventures of Chet Pectoral - Book Two - Chapter 9The Adventures of Chet Pectoral
Book 2
Chapter 9
I’m sorry.
I know I haven’t written in Lolita Toplist
awhile but that doesn’t mean I forgot
about you. After all, when’s the last time you’ve written to me.
Works both ways you know. But I have a good reason.
My golden lab ate the next chapter of my book.
Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t believe that one. Ok so I’ve been bad. Beat me. I’m sure I’ll like it. But this is harder than I thought.
Sometimes it’s hard to continue. You look forward in time and you
know what is going to happen and you just don’t want to deal with it. That
is how it has been for me and Chet. You know his story and you don’t want
to put such a nice guy through the ringer.
He has already been through enough, hasn’t he?
But, such is life and as much as we do not want to continue
sometimes, we must. Maybe there will be light at the end of the dark
tunnel. And, after all, things could be much worse. Let us pretend it is December.
And I am the ghost of Christmas present.
Travel with me and I will show you.
I will show you why you are fortunate.
Be thankful for your home and Lolita Toplist your family and the ones you love. After all, he could be Austin.
Yes, dear reader, you know you’ve been thinking about him.
For, after all, hasn’t he been the true hero of the story. He did
save Chet and Nick. He sacrificed himself for them and ended up at the
hands of someone even worse than Chet’s mortal enemy Primbatu.
I know your wonder how he is doing. And, if I were to show you a
picture of him, it would tell you everything you need to know.
You wouldn’t even recognize him. He is 30 Lolita Toplist pounds heavier now and all muscle.
There is no hair on his body except for his eyebrows.
He has pierced nipples and a PA in his cock as well as a jacob’s
ladder (a series of piercings down the shaft of his cock). He also has a
piercing in his nose and a bull ring hangs from that. A chain runs in a Y
from each nipple to a belly button ring and then connects to another chain
that goes to his PA. It gives weight to his nipples and cock and
constantly stimulates him and reminds him that he is a slave.
But that is not the best part.
His body has an intricate tattoo of a dragon that fills his
back. The head of the dragon wraps over his right shoulder and the wings of
the dragon wrap around his wide lats and end just under each pec. The tail
of the dragon runs down the crack of his ass, between his legs, over his
balls and the tip of the tail is tattooed onto his always hard cock.
Some days he wonders if he is more animal than human. He barely
talks anymore. He screamed one night as he was fucked over 48 hours
without mercy or any rest. He services at least ten men daily and these
men are of all races and shapes and sizes. He no longer cares what the man
looks like he knows only cock and cum. Even he would admit to you now that
he is addicted to it. Addicted to the way a cock slams into his ass and
blasts inside him. He does not care about his own pleasure, he pleases
only his rider. That is all that is important. He is broken now without
his real name or identity and has accepted the fact that he will never be
Still he is able to hang onto the final shreds of his humanity. Of
course, no one knows that. He has been through much these many months as
his body has been altered and taken over. Anyone else would have fully
broken long ago and become a fuck animal but thanks to his training Austin
has been able to barely remember who he was.
I will tell you this, that he loves Chet Pectoral with his whole
heart and he remembers the closeness that they shared. Really it is all he
has these days. His days are filled with sex and as men use him he thinks
of Chet. But the slave who is now called Dragon (though the word they
actually use for him is the Chinese equivalent of Dragon we will use Dragon
for our purposes) feels his humanity slipping away more each day. It is
the chains that are doing it to him. They pull at his now huge and overly
sensitive nips and when men grab the chains he cums and his ass tightens
hard. How many weeks had his master spent making his nipples sensitive and
hard wiring his nipples to his cock and hole. The chains that hang from
his tits and connect to his cock are like wires that allow him to be
The chains were Lolita Toplist
welded on and cannot be removed. The day they were
welded onto his tit and cock rings was the only day he cried during the
whole ordeal. His new master held him and told him it was ok to leave his
body and never return. But Dragon refused. He holds on and he waits even
though there is no chance of escape. Lately, his master has told him that
it is almost time to have those chains removed so that he can be moved to
heavier chains that will match the new larger size of his body.
He prays he will keep his balls.
He knows he has to stay human and he has to last until help
The estate he calls home is heavily guarded and he has not seen the
outside except for the few times he was taken to service groups of men at
parties thrown by other wealthy men. One such party was a costume ball.
He was already huge and the chains had been installed. His cock bounced in
front of him as he was led into the large estate. His master held his
leash and his leash was attached to his nose ring. He has not worn
clothing since the day he arrived but on this day he wore his dress
harness. The harness, made specially for him, formed a loop around each
shoulder like a holster and then ran under each pec, cupping them and
forcing them up. Basically, a bra as he came to think about it but
masculine and made of leather.
His chest muscles were overly developed. They were, in fact, a
favorite of his masters and they were so large he could not see his own
cock because his chest muscles stuck out so far. He loved his body and
loved how men looked at it. Dragon understands Chet better now. To have
nipples that can control you and to understand that your body is the sexual
toy of free men is actually quite liberating. On some days he thinks to
himself that there are worse things in the world than spending your days
and nights servicing free men.
On the night of the costume ball his master led him through the
rooms. Men touched him and fondled him but he was not allowed to remain in
one place for too long. There were no women at the party and he knew he
would be used but he did not know the extent of the use.
The slave now known as Dragon guessed that there must be 300 people
at the party. He was led to the back of the home into one of the furthest
rooms. There he was put in a room that had a large metal chain which was
bolted into the floor. This chain was attached and locked to his ankle
cuff. He had permanent cuffs on his wrists and ankles which were welded on
like the chains on his body. Around the room Dragon could see various
equipment to be fucked on. There was a fuck bench, a table, a bed and a
round barrel covered in leather. He could even be chained in the center of
the room. His master said one simple word to him. . . service.
This word told Dragon that he was to take any cock presented to him
and use his skills to pleasure the rider in any manner the rider wished.
How long he spent in that room he does not know but I will tell you it was
72 hours, give or take. How many cocks entered him in one way or the other
he does not know though I will tell you that the answer to that question
depends on how you count because many men came back for seconds and some
thirds and two riders came back five times to use the large muscled slave.
When it was over he was covered in cum and his body was shaking from the
What had they Lolita Toplist done to him?
What had he become?
After the party one part of him wished that he could die but he
knew he was too valuable to his Asian master. But, somewhere, deep inside,
he has hope and every night he prays that Chet Pectoral will come and save
He prays and he waits and he tries to avoid the whip.
Oh, and he has a secret he knows that would change everything if
only he had someone to tell it to. We will leave him now. Or you could be Chet’s half brother Matt. He was kidnapped as a
slave and broken, loosing both his name and his humanity. Unlike the slave
now known as Dragon Matt did give up totally and I can tell you this, that
there is no trace of the person named as Matt. This is maybe a fate worse
than the one Dragon suffers because surely loosing your humanity is a fate
worse than death. He has been renamed Tam and had been trained as a fight
slave and a burden slave. If he had known this would become his life he
might never have decided to sell his half brother Chet.
But he did not have the foresight to know his future.
He sits somewhere, he knows only he is in France, in a stall, like
a horse. He is nothing more than a workhorse. Daily, he pulls a cart for
his master and he works outside in the dry heat tending to the grounds.
His nipples are pierced. These are large heavy piercings and they are used
to direct and control him. For example, when moving Lolita Toplist him they attach reigns
to his tits.
He wore a full hood and was without the benefit of sight for over
two months. A bit was placed in his mouth and his nipple rings felt the
pull when the reigns were attached. He learned then to move depending on
how his tit rings were pulled. Tam did not have the benefit of sight and
could only feel his tits being pulled. A pull to the left and he would
move to the left. A pull to the right and he would move to the right. A
quick jerk and he would stop.
You get the idea.
Finally, when he had learned to the satisfaction of his master he
was allowed his sight again. I’m sorry.
I’m doing this all wrong.
I’m showing disrespect to Tam’s master.
Tam is a animal now and not human. The words “he” and “his” and
“him” no longer apply. Tam is an “it”. He is property to be used and
discarded. From now on that is how we will refer to him.
There, I feel better now.
Let’s continue. It has special shoes that force it to walk on its toes (hoofs).
Tam is kept hairy, the hair on its head is long, like a mane and it has
hair on its chest and pubes and legs and arms. It is often sweaty and its
master loves the way its body shines and smells when it performs its daily
tasks. It wears a butt plug with a horse’s tail and it has learned to move
its tail to show happiness. Its rear teeth have been pulled and a bit has
been permanently implanted in its mouth. It drools constantly and no
longer talks. A permanent harness has been fitted onto its body and it
never comes off. The harness comes across its pecs in an X and then
connects via a leather strap to a jock strap. The jock has a space in the
front for its cock to stick out of and its cock is often hard while
working. Two leather straps wrap around each of its thighs. Its collar is
wide and heavy and made of metal. It forces Tam to keep its head up at all
It is connected to a cart daily in order to perform its work. The
two long wooden handles of the cart attach to the leather straps that
circle its thighs. It holds the handles and lifts the cart. Lolita Toplist It has become
very strong and its shoulders and arms are powerful.
This helps it when it fights in the circle.
When a rider gets in the cart the rider takes Tam’s tit reigns and
pulls them back behind its head. This always makes the horse moan.
At night it is fucked and used. It is not raped, for it is
impossible to rape one’s property. At times it fights for the honor of its
master and it has a perfect record.
It answers to the name Tam
It likes its new name a lot.
Sometimes at night, when it is strapped to the table and used, it
dreams it will finally be allowed to kill the hated Primbatu, great enemy
of its master.
Tam also knows that if ever given the chance it will kill its
half-brother. Oh yes, it remembers Chet and it holds onto that memory
hard. It seeks only revenge. Once it kills Primbatu and Chet it will
finally be able to loose itself fully to its master. Until then it is
content to work and grow strong. Come along, more to see now.
There are ghosts everywhere. You could be Tim. He has been broken by Apollo and he is being
To be broken was hard.
To be part of what is going to happen next is even harder. He
knows what is coming. He has overheard Apollo but there is nothing he can
do about it.
The man fucking him is so good. The cock feels so good.
He wants to tell the man he is going to be killed. He wants to
warn him. But he cannot.
“Your slave is so fucking hot,” the man fucking him says to his
master Apollo.
“You deserve him,” Apollo says. “I’m glad you and your buddy had
us over.”
Tim looks over at the friend of the man fucking him. He is hard
and stroking, waiting his turn.
The man fucking him.moans and Lolita Toplist he is coming.
It feels so good.
But soon there will be death. Let us leave.
Let us leave the house Dean shares with Chet and which is about to
become the site of such tragedy. Or you could be Chet.
Let us travel to check on our hero.
How did he spend his Christmas.
He is on a plane to Hawaii.
Chet is thinking of his lover. He hopes he is safe and well.
He is going to see the man who is Ramrod. Although he still does
not know what makes this man so important.
He is in first class and the steward, an effeminate man with short
hair and large arms has been giving him the eye. It is hard for Chet to
hide his always hard cock and the man has certainly noticed.
The man says hello to him and Chet catches a glimpse of the man’s
cock. It is hard and very long, snaking down the man’s pant leg. Chet
waits a few minutes and gets up going to the bathroom in the back and
leaving the door open. Several minutes later the door opens and the
steward comes in pushing Chet against the back of the small room.
Chet is ready. His pants down around his ankles and his ass
pointed out. The man unzips and slams his cock into Chet’s ass. The man
fucks him hard and fast and as he is fucked Chet thinks of his lover and
wishes they were together. It doesn’t take long before the steward cums,
the big cock spurting so deep in Chet’s hole that he gasps at the feeling.
The man doesn’t say anything to Chet he simply zips up and leaves.
Chet wipes up and leaves the bathroom an older man looking at him
funny, having figured it out.
Back in his seat, Chet passes the time until the plane lands. Lolita Toplist
leaves the plane, the steward passing Chet his phone number. Chet does not
keep the number and tosses it in the trash. He gets in a cab and tells the
cab to take Lolita Toplist
him to a hotel. He has no bags.
Outside, the warm air of the islands makes him again wish his lover
could be with him. Chet calls his handler and updates him on his arrival.
Tomorrow he starts to search for Ramrod. There is Lolita Toplist a plan Lolita Toplist to follow. It is
a good plan and Chet is well prepared but the plan will take time and Chet
has trouble with putting that much time in when he misses his lover so
much. Travel now to Lolita Toplist the White House and into a room occupied by the
President’s son. We know him well but he looks different. Is it true?
Can he be even bigger and more muscular now?
“Is he ok?” Nick asked.
Agent Masters hung up the phone.
“Chet is fine,” he said.
They are both naked and he couldn’t help but notice that Nick was
even more muscled now than he was the last time they had fucked. He didn’t
say anything. He did Lolita Toplist
not want to worry the boy.
But, it was obvious that he was undergoing some kind of
It was as if Nick were on mega doses of steroids. If the growth
spurt were to stop now it would be fine. The boy looked fantastic as a
matter of fact. But, Masters worried that if this continued he could
become a monster of muscle. What worried him even more is what this might
be doing to Nick’s organs and heart.
This was the reason that they had to find Primbatu. They had to
stop whatever had been done to his lover. After all, the boy had a hardon
24/7 for almost a year. That seemed impossible but Nick said it Lolita Toplist never went
down even after he came.
Nick comes up to him grabbing his cock.
“Can we go again,” Nick asks, stroking it.
He’s cum 3 times already and Masters Lolita Toplist is sure he cannot get hard
He needs to distract the boy.
He has a plan. “Wait a minute,” he says.
He pulls away from Nick and goes to the suit jacket.
Agent Masters works for the secret service so he always wears a
He brings out a small box and hands it to Nick.
“Merry Christmas lover.”
Nick yells with joy. He knows it is a ring by the size and shape
of the box.
Derek Masters got down on one knee.
“Marry me and be mine forever.”
Nick dropped down on his knees hugged Derek and pushed him
backwards, mounting him. Nick began to kiss him all over.
“Yes, yes, yes,” Nick said.
Nick grabbed for his cock and Masters felt himself get hard. The plan was backfiring.
See, wasn’t that worth the wait?
I’ll leave you now.
The ghost of Christmas future is coming and he is never pleasant
and the dog still has my homework. You sleep and are awoken by a man with a black robe. You cannot
see his face. He takes your hand and you are in a graveyard. You look
down at the grave.
One of them is dead. He points to the right.
Another grave.
More death. Wake up.To be continued . . .
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